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"The Catamount team is amazing. They are caring, professional, and knowledgeable. Shaun is helping my TMD and ankle issues, and I have less pain now than I've had in years. He takes the time to teach, and he offers techniques for long term success. Stacy is wonderful and always a ray of sunshine. "
Feb 13, 2024
" Catamount PT got me in right away! I was so thrilled to be seen so quickly and to have such expert care. Shaun is wonderful and as are the rest of the staff. I can't say enough good things about this PT practice! Thank you so very much!"
Feb 08, 2024
"Shaun is a wonderful educator/therapist. I appreciate his description of the issues and the procedures he is trying and why he is trying it. He is a great listener, fields questions and is supportive. Highly recommend."
Jan 11, 2024
" Shaun is truly a gift to the world! His depth of knowledge combined with his healing way are phenomenal. He listens, he clarifies why and how, he deeply cares . I initially walked in with incredibly painful jaw issues precluding me from eating solid foods and sleeping more than a few hours at a time; after only the first session, I felt better, confident I would heal, and couldn’t wait for my next PT visit! Within a short time, I was 95% better. Shaun is above and beyond any PT I’ve worked with. And Stacy as the point of contact for appointments, etc., makes it easy and a joy. The entire place has a welcoming, warm, and healing vibe. What a blessing to be able to go to Catamount and feel confident you’ll be taken care of and make tremendous progress! "
Sep 21, 2023
"My painful, chronic TMJ symptoms resolved under Shaun’s care and treatment. He also taught me how to manage my symptoms in case of future flare ups. I highly recommend Shaun and his team for PT targeting TMJ!"
Jul 06, 2023
"I have had a wonderful experience at Catamount so far for my TMJ issue. I was referred by my dentist who gave me no guidance on how to go about scheduling with PT. When I called Catamount to ask about next steps, Gabe was very patient and thorough in helping me understand what to expect. She set me up with a profile and four appointments in no time, and she ensured all of my questions were answered. I truly appreciated how kind she was and it was a preview of the other interactions I would have at Catamount. It's a beautiful space for physical therapy, and the staff here is clearly focused on creating positive, impactful experiences for their patients."
Mar 02, 2023
"As someone over the age of 65, who has been a personal trainer and have had years of fitness training, I noticed I was developing pain in my shoulder and neck. I went to see Dr. Shaun O’Connor at Catamount Physical Therapy. Through Dr. Shaun’s assessment, he provided me the education of beneficial functional exercises and knowledge that went beyond just the obvious aspect of my pain but delved into my health overall. He provided me valuable insight and resources for my health overall. I have made significant progress and I am back on the road to progressing my strength. As well, my trainer at Fitness Options, Caleb, has helped me through this delicate journey, to safely continue my progress forward, by taking the initiative to regress certain exercises as well as to include my PT exercises into my fitness program. I decided to also take advantage of a massage offered by David, which was magical. I cannot say enough, how much better that made me feel, and contributed to my overall ability to heal. The combination of professionals, between Catamount Physical Therapy and Fitness Options, provides a total harmony of injury recovery and fitness progression, all under one roof."
Feb 21, 2023
"There are many superlatives that describe this professional business. First is the warm welcoming staff that greet you smiling with their attention to detail. The facility is well lighted, warm and very clean. The treatment I have been receiving from David and Shaun in a word is OUTSTANDING . Both practice active listening paying attention to your problems as they formulate therapeutic options. Their respective talents are very evident from the first session .I rarely give 5 star ratings unless the entire experience is exemplary. Catamount delivers in all aspects. "
Jan 22, 2023
"I give Catamount PT 5 stars! I have worked with Shaun for 3 months to relieve upper back and neck pain after 2 spinal compression fractures due to osteoporosis. In addition, strengthening of my shoulder after a collarbone fracture has been part of my program. Walking the fine line between what is too much stress on my fracture-prone bones and and what is needed for healing has been done expertly. My pain is less, my back and shouder are stronger, and I am very happy with my progress. I fully support what has been said by others: people are friendly, the place is clean, appointment times are prompt, and I am listened to."
Feb 28, 2022
"I’ve had a terrific experience working with Jack Frawley to alleviate my TMJ. Jack utilizes a mind and body approach to treating TMJ, which worked wonders for me! He’s very friendly and takes the time to determine the cause, not just treat the symptoms. Keep up the excellent work!"
Jan 08, 2022
"I had a wonderful experience at Catamount PT. The staff is kind and helpful and always positive! Aimee is so knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate her hard work to improve my health!! Thank you Aimee "
Jan 07, 2022
"I highly recommend Catamount PT. From Stacy’s prompt response to my doctor’s referral to reaching my set goals and “graduating” from PT after six sessions with Kelsey, my Physical Therapist, my entire experience was excellent and the therapy sessions very effective (and enjoyable) in treating my knee pain. I love and appreciate the genuinely welcoming and friendly atmosphere that Brittny, Stacy, the Physical Therapists and Tilly the corgi (bonus!) convey to all clients. The individual therapy rooms, fitness center and additional therapy room are comfortable and light-filled. I received excellent care from Kelsey who, given her many clients, made each session so personal and engaging. Most importantly, Kelsey gave me practices to incorporate into my lifestyle and manage my wellness. Thank you so much to all at Catamount PT!"
Sep 16, 2021
"Who would have thought there is such a thing as physical therapy for your jaw!?!? Kelsey took excellent care of me with my TMJ pain. We worked together to come up with a plan with exercises that would help with my left jaw pain. Kelsey was supportive, knowledgeable and a kind person to work with. By following Kelsey’s “homework” My pain has gone from an 7-8 to a 1. Catamount is lucky to her! Thanks for everything! "
Aug 27, 2021
"The staff (including the front desk folks) at Catamount Physical Therapy are fantastic. In the past, I was seen by Shaun (who was very helpful!), and I am currently being seen by Jack who has helped me tremendously in all ways! In addition to the exercises that he has suggested, I have become much more knowledgeable about how to eliminate discomfort and pain on a daily basis. He has provided me with wonderful advice all around; he definitely treats the “whole” person and does so in a kind, gentle, informative, and patient manner. I would highly recommend him; he is a terrific physical therapist! "
May 26, 2021
"I spent almost a year trying to work out some issues with my jaw without much progress. Within a few weeks I noticed significant improvements and have almost no limitations! All the staff are exceptionally friendly and always welcoming. I will definitely be recommending Catamount PT to other people!"
Feb 15, 2021
"Aimee and catamount physical therapy are exceptional, I would not go anywhere else. They are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and persistent in figuring out the problem and treatment strategy. They are also just fabulous, caring and fun people who I look forward to seeing during my appointments!"
Jan 15, 2021
"Just completed 12 weeks of PT to relieve pain for Plantar Fasciitis. It worked and I can now walk without constant heal pain. Great service and I highly recommend Erick for whatever ails you."
Sep 10, 2020
"Before I started at Catamount Physical Therapy I suffered from chronic headaches and facial pain. I was unable to go to social events or do much of anything. Today, I feel like a different person!! I can now manage any pain with the knowledge they have provided!! Im so thankful for all that they have done for me!! I would recommend them to everyone!!"
Jul 10, 2020
"Very professional staff. From the moment you enter until you leave you receive their undivided attention."
Mar 10, 2020
"Aimee Hayes has done a great job helping me recover from a shoulder injury and lower back pain. "
Feb 26, 2020
"I have chronic ringing in the ears, with Aimee's therapy technique my tinnitus is resolving and my back and neck feel better than they have in years. "
Feb 20, 2020
"I was referred to Shaun for a TMJ condition. His hands on approach combined with a personalized home excercise program worked incredibly well. My symptoms starred to improve almost immediately and within a short time we met our therapeutic goals. I couldn't recommend Shaun more highly. He is extremely knowledgable and caring as well as being a great communicator. I will miss his hands on sessions that made everything feel so much better. Everyone at Catamout Physical Therapy was wonderful."
Dec 19, 2019
"I had a great experience and happy to let the staff at Catamount PT to take care of my health issues. Thank you for your support and I’ll be seeing you all again. "
Oct 16, 2019
"Shaun did a great job helping me to get my shoulder unlocked. My range of motion is where it was before I started having issues. He made sure I understood the exercises he was giving me, and built on them as my shoulder improved. It was also great that as I improved he did not schedule unnecessary appointments, and when my should improved enough he said to just call him when I thought I needed to. Would definitely go back if I needed to, but of course hope I do not, so I better keep doing my exercises to maintain my shoulder! Thanks Shaun!"
Oct 15, 2019
"Was Very Happy with the service that was provided for me. My appointment was always on time and while i was there i recieved great advice and treatment on how to proceed in the future. Thank You"
Sep 12, 2019
"Aimee Hayes is the Rock Star of Physical Therapists!! She has brought me through some multiple, tough pre and post surgical situations and has helped me get back to my former, better, stronger self who is once again very active. She is so patient, has amazing tenacity at finding solutions and is fun to work with. I always feel like she is on my "team" and will do everything she can to reach goals. The Catamount office staff is super professional, upbeat and extremely helpful. I couldn't be happier with the care I've received from the whole team. THANK YOU ALL!!!"
Aug 28, 2019
"I initially saw Shaun two years ago to address a TMJ issue. Since then the issue has subsided, but anytime the seasons and stressors change causing it to flare back up Catamount PT is my go-to place! I've found both short-term and long-term alleviation of my symptoms through the manual therapy, exercise prescription, and patient education I have received. Additionally, as a busy graduate student the flexibility in hours and availability of appointments without long wait times has been something I value highly. "
Feb 22, 2019
"I was impressed with the professionalism that Shawn exhibited for each appointment. He clearly articulated what he felt was contributing to the issue with my jaw. He carefully explained what each exercise would do and I left my appointments feeling like I had been adequately informed. He exhibited a genuine interest in my well-being as a patient. Each appointment was always on time (i.e. no waiting). I would gladly recommend his services to others with a similar issue."
Sep 10, 2018
"Over about three years, I've been successfully treated by both Shaun and Aimee for three unrelated and diverse injuries or problems, from hip to shoulder to jaw. I've found them both to be highly knowledgeable and professional as well as friendly and caring. I'm so glad I found them, and have suggested them to several friends!"
Jul 19, 2018


"Aimee is the hardest working physical therapist I've had the pleasure of working with. I think she could crush a walnut with the strength of her hands! When my lower back and hip pain showed up last year, she was quick to evaluate and began work right away breaking up a decade of tissue adhesions. She understood my challenges in maintaining a regular stretching routine, and met me where I was without judgment. As someone who has worked in healthcare for over 25 years, I'm deeply appreciative of her unique approach, sense of humor, and high level of empathy for something I know I could've been doing more for myself on."


"I am not sure that I would still be able to do a lot of what I do on a day to day basis if it weren't for Shaun assisting me moving and functioning. I am forever grateful for what he is able to do for me and would recommend him to anyone for all their physical therapy needs."


"Shaun O'Connor, PT, CCTT, is brilliant at not only his specialties (Orofacial, TMJ, headaches), but orthopedic physical therapy as a whole. I have had chronic pain in my back and hips for years, and Shaun provided immediate relief and tips on how to strengthen the area on my own time. As his office is within Fitness Options Personal Training Studio, he is often available to provide brief screenings to clients there, which has also helped me on a number of occasions.

Shaun is committed to his patients' wellbeing and genuinely cares for all who are in his care. His welcoming bedside manner helps you to feel comfortable and open to share. He is very professional, resourceful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking physical therapy services in the Burlington, Vermont area!"

Kayla H.