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"I initially saw Shaun two years ago to address a TMJ issue. Since then the issue has subsided, but anytime the seasons and stressors change causing it to flare back up Catamount PT is my go-to place! I've found both short-term and long-term alleviation of my symptoms through the manual therapy, exercise prescription, and patient education I have received. Additionally, as a busy graduate student the flexibility in hours and availability of appointments without long wait times has been something I value highly. "
Feb 22, 2019
"I was impressed with the professionalism that Shawn exhibited for each appointment. He clearly articulated what he felt was contributing to the issue with my jaw. He carefully explained what each exercise would do and I left my appointments feeling like I had been adequately informed. He exhibited a genuine interest in my well-being as a patient. Each appointment was always on time (i.e. no waiting). I would gladly recommend his services to others with a similar issue."
Sep 10, 2018
"Over about three years, I've been successfully treated by both Shaun and Aimee for three unrelated and diverse injuries or problems, from hip to shoulder to jaw. I've found them both to be highly knowledgeable and professional as well as friendly and caring. I'm so glad I found them, and have suggested them to several friends!"
Jul 19, 2018


"Aimee is the hardest working physical therapist I've had the pleasure of working with. I think she could crush a walnut with the strength of her hands! When my lower back and hip pain showed up last year, she was quick to evaluate and began work right away breaking up a decade of tissue adhesions. She understood my challenges in maintaining a regular stretching routine, and met me where I was without judgment. As someone who has worked in healthcare for over 25 years, I'm deeply appreciative of her unique approach, sense of humor, and high level of empathy for something I know I could've been doing more for myself on."


"I am not sure that I would still be able to do a lot of what I do on a day to day basis if it weren't for Shaun assisting me moving and functioning. I am forever grateful for what he is able to do for me and would recommend him to anyone for all their physical therapy needs."


"Shaun O'Connor, PT, CCTT, is brilliant at not only his specialties (Orofacial, TMJ, headaches), but orthopedic physical therapy as a whole. I have had chronic pain in my back and hips for years, and Shaun provided immediate relief and tips on how to strengthen the area on my own time. As his office is within Fitness Options Personal Training Studio, he is often available to provide brief screenings to clients there, which has also helped me on a number of occasions.

Shaun is committed to his patients' wellbeing and genuinely cares for all who are in his care. His welcoming bedside manner helps you to feel comfortable and open to share. He is very professional, resourceful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking physical therapy services in the Burlington, Vermont area!"

Kayla H.